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NCB’s underlying philosophy is a developmental one.

In other words, a corporation’s potential always exceeds their current state of being, as does that of a government agency. Thus, when NCB works with a corporation/government agency the ultimate goal is to help the whole of the corporation/government agency to move forward on their developmental pathway. Because in many respects each corporation/government agency is unique, NCB Systems to be applied are developed after an initial diagnostic investigation. However, they are likely to include some or all of the following steps.

  • Step 1: Corporate Visioning

    One of the most important factors contributing to corporate success is a shared vision. Unfortunately, the corporate vision of many organisations in the private and public sectors is uncontaminated with the input of the people at the grass roots. The result is at best sub-optimisation and at worst some parts of the organisation working away from the corporate vision. Using tools like Open Space Technology and Technology of Participation, NCB Systems can help develop a corporate vision that is truly a shared vision.
  • Step 2: Corporate Profiling

    Once the organisation has created a shared vision, NCB Systems can conduct a profiling survey that measures the extent to which the activities of different parts of the organisation contribute to the achievement of the shared vision. This will identify the parts of the organisation that need attention if the vision is to be reached. It will identify potential for individual as well as corporate development.
  • Step 3: Development Planning

    NCB Systems can assist with the preparation of a plan for individual and corporate development. It is vital that these two plans intersect. If they do not, either the individuals who successfully develop will initiate an exodus from the organisation because they are frustrated, or corporate development will not work because the employees lack the skills and motivation to engage in the change process.
  • Step 4: Development Implementation

    NCB Systems can provide a variety of development implementation strategic initiatives to ensure that development of individuals and the organisation proceed in parallel.

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